Bob Alvarez

Lead Vocals, Harmonica & Percussion

I have been singing in school and church choirs since the age of 7. I played 1st trumet from elementary school through college in various musical settings such as orchestras, jazz band and ensembles.

My focus is on modern vocals in Classic Rock N' Roll and Blues. As Double Take Band's front-man, I often use props on stage to bring energy,  engagement and entertainment to the audience. I also use a wireless mic which affords me much freedom in moving around the stage and into the audience to get the crowd dancing, singing and smiling all night long!

L J Miglorie

L J Miglorie


I got my first electric guitar when I was 13 years old and started playing in bands during high school. I'm pretty much self-taught on guitar, piano, organ, bass and harmonica. Early on I started out playing guitar, but ended up switching over to organ and piano and discovered my own style.

I had a family band a few years ago. The JCS Blues Band, that featured myself, my wife's sister, my son and a couple of my son's friends. I also did some jamming with a few bands the last couple of years until getting together with Double Take.

Teri Wilson


Teri Anne Wilson rocks the guitar! Her music is steeped in hard driving rhythmically charged blues, rock and funk vibes.

Some have likened her sound to Bonnie Raitt or Chrissie Hynde and her guitar playing to Clapton or Santana.


She recently relocated back to her native California from Seattle.

During her time in the Seattle area, Teri received a Best Band award as co-founder of the Red Hot Blues Sisters, and Best Guitar nomination from the Washington Blues Society as well as numerous nominations for jams and other contributions she made to the Pacifica North West Blues scene.


The Red Hot Blues Sisters released 3 recordings and toured Europe and Canada several times before disbanding.

In 2016 , she released the single “Let Me Love You” as an independent solo artist.

In 2018 she released a 4 song EP, "Back On Track", with Wave Magnet Records

Gary Fredrickson


My musical journey started while in high school at a local Bay Area music store call Webb's Music. A really talented guitar instructor named Larry Murphy gave group lessons at this store. I signed up. In those group lessons we had a drummer, bass player and me on guitar. This was the spark that started it all for me. Through my musical journey I have been in numerous cover bands, two of which opened for well-known national acts including, 38 Special, Chris Isaak, The Temptations and Tower of Power.

I love performing for an audience. When they get up and start dancing it gives me such joy to see everyone having such a good time.

James Brooke


Hi I'm James Brooke drummer for the Double Take Band. When I was 12 years old I pick up the drums for the first time and played for a couple of years. At age 22 I got another drum kit and I would practice in the garage, the basement, anywhere I could.

I met Bob our lead singer in front of his house when he was rehearsing with another band. I stopped by to watch, and then on the bands break. I  got on the drum kit and played for awhile. A year later, Bob called me and asked if I want to join a new band. I told Bob that I had never been in a band situation before, and he replied, "So what! Get yourself over and try".  Many thanks to Bob, LJ, Jon and Gary for their knowledge and patience. The rest is history!